43 Gb/s Limiting Transimpedance Amplifier with PLD

Part # TIA56A

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Key Features

  • Differential input and different output
  • Input or output can be used single-ended
  • Limiting operation, 4.5k ohm diff. transimpedance
  • Low noise, 30 pA/root Hz typical
  • Adjustable input offset
  • Peak level detection
  • Output sense for offset control
  • Bandwidth of 30GHz
  • Tunable frequency response
  • Output eye shape adjustment pin
  • DC and AC coupled operation
  • Single supply voltage of -5.2 V
  • SiGe technology with ƒT / ƒmax of 170 / 250 GHz


The TIA56A is a versatile high-speed trans-impedance amplifier designed for the amplification and manipulation of signals with data rates up to 56 Gb/s with > 28GHz bandwidth. The TIA56A consists of a fully symmetrical differential input and output buffer. This allows for differential as well as single ended drive and is optimized for 50 ohm line termination.

For applications which require adjustable input bias or compensation of DC input currents (e.g. photodiodes) the TIA56A allows adjusting the bias input current for each input independently. This feature can be used for offset cancellation, pulse shaping, duty cycle adjustment or vertical sampling-point adjustment. By using the output sensing pins, an offset cancellation loop can be established.

The output voltage swing is typically 600 mVpp (differential swing), which can be increased to 800 mVpp by using the SWING option. The symmetry of the (limited) output signal can be optimized using the SYM option, independently from the setting of the input threshold level. This feature can be used e.g. for optimizing the BER. The input signal swing can be monitored using the peak level detector (PLD) output.


Bandwidth (GHz) 27
Small Signal Gain (dB) 36
Differential Transimpedance Gain (ohm) 3,200
Differential Output Vpp (mV) 600
Equivalent Input Noise (pA/rtHz) 30
Voltage (V) -5.2
Current (mA) 85
RoHS  Yes
Lead Free  Yes
Halogen Free  Yes

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