11.3Gbps EML Driver

Part # TGA4195-SM


Key Features

  • 11.3Gbps EML driver
  • Differential input/ differential output
  • Power dissipation: 0.65 W @ 2.5 Vpp
  • Adjustable crossing: 35 – 80 %
  • Maximum DC output offset: 1.2 V
  • Output swing: 3 Vpp SE; 6 Vpp diff
  • Rise/fall time: <25 ps
  • Package dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0 x 0.85 mm


The TGA4195-SM is a 11.3Gbps EML driver with power consumption of 0.65 W @ 2.5 Vpp single-ended (5 Vpp differential) output with rise and fall time of less than 25 ps. The TGA4195-SM can be run with either a single-ended or differential input as well as single-ended or differential output. This part can be run with either DC or AC coupling on the output. DC coupling requires 5 V on VD2. AC coupling can be run with 3.3 V on VD2.

The TGA4195-SM is lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Evaluation boards are available upon request.


Frequency (GHz) DC to 10
Vpp (V) 3 SE, 6 Diff
Gain (dB) 26
3 dB Bandwidth (GHz) 7
Voltage (V) 3.3
Current (mA) 190
Package Style  4 x 4 mm
RoHS  Yes
Lead Free  Yes
Halogen Free  Yes

Typical Applications

Additional Information

Status Production