13.4 - 15.5 GHz 50 Watt GaN Power Amplifier

Part # TGA2239-CP


Key Features

  • Frequency range: 13.4 - 15.5 GHz
  • Pout: 47 dBm at Pin= 22 dBm
  • PAE: > 31%
  • Small signal gain: > 30 dB
  • IM3: < -19 dBc @ 38 dBm Pout/Tone
  • Bias: VD = 28 V, IDQ = 900 mA, VG = -2.7 V typical
  • Package dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 3.5 mm
  • Package base is pure Cu offering superior thermal management
  • Process Technology: QGaN15


Qorvo's TGA2239-CP is a 3-stage, 50W power amplifier operating over the 13.4 to 15.5GHz band.  Fabricated on Qorvo's production 0.15um GaN on SiC technology, this high performance amplifier offers > 30dB small-signal gain with >31% PAE, allowing the system designer to achieve superior performance levels in a cost efficient manner.

The TGA2239-CP is offered in a 10-lead 15 x 15 mm bolt-down package. Assembled with a pure-copper base, coupled with its high efficiency, the TGA2239-CP  minimizes the strain on the system-level cooling requirements, further reducing system operating costs. Superior electrical performance and thermal management makes the TGA2239-CP ideal for supporting communications and radar applications in both commercial and military markets.

Both RF ports have integrated DC blocking capacitors and are fully matched to 50 ohms.

Lead free and RoHS compliant.

Evaluation Boards are available upon request.


Frequency (GHz) 13.4 to 15.5
Power (dBm) 47
Gain (dB) > 30
NF (dB)
PAE (%) > 31
Voltage (V) 28
IQ (mA) 900
RoHS  Yes
Lead Free  Yes
Halogen Free  Yes

Typical Applications

Additional Information

Status Production