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DIGITIMES Highlights TriQuint's LTE Capabilities, Industry Challenges and Outlook

February 6, 2014 — Today's mobile devices demand even more bandwidth and data to meet consumers' demands, particularly as 4G LTE coverage rolls out worldwide. In a recent interview published by DIGITIMES, Maurice Huang, TriQuint's Taiwan Country Manager, discusses the technology and infrastructure challenges for LTE, the outlook for the industry and TriQuint's advanced technology for supporting LTE worldwide.

"R&D continues to be a priority as we develop unique technology and packaging techniques to deliver RF solutions that improve performance and reduce size, thereby furthering our commitment to innovation by delivering real customer value," says Maurice in the interview.

The article is available in English and Chinese on the DIGITIMES and DIGITIMES Chinese websites, or you can download a PDF of the English version from the Technical Papers page in our Resources section.