Partner Universities

Partner UniversitiesTriQuint collaborates with select partner universities to engage in ongoing development of RF talent. In addition to achieving breakthrough innovations, these collaborations provide researchers and students with a rich experience and first-hand knowledge of working in the development, advancement and production of gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), and surface acoustic and bulk acoustic wave (SAW / BAW) technologies.

Our partnerships can take many forms:

  • Providing design kits, foundry services and technical / educational support for a MMIC design class series at universities where students design and test their own devices
  • Teaching adjunct classes and giving guest lectures at universities where the curriculum is a good match for our expertise
  • Working with various professors and university research centers to develop advanced technologies for our industry
  • Participating in multiple recruiting events per year or sitting on the industrial advisory board for the school

Our current partner universities include:

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