TriQuint has a rich history and strong track record of supplying highly reliable active and passive devices for space and aerospace programs such as satellite and planetary missions.

Whether we qualify one of our existing devices or develop a custom solution, TriQuint has the knowledge, experience and resolve to explore the far reaches of RF technology. Our blend of technologies, world-class products and leading-edge capabilities offer customers a choice between component, bundled and integrated solutions for supporting the most challenging of space applications. 

TriQuint supports MIL-STD-883 and performs 100% element electrical results, burn-in, 1000-hour life test and wafer-level lot acceptance testing for space qualification. Most products throughout the TriQuint Product Selection Guide may be considered for qualification. Please see the Space Qualified page and the FAQs below for more information on the space qualification process.

Key Benefits

  • Proven reliability including data to predict MTTF and/or FITs
  • Radiation hardness
  • Ability to deliver as 100% electrically tested
  • Ability to deliver as 100% space visually inspected (per MIL-STD-883 Method 2010, Condition A)
  • Ability to deliver as space qualified (per the intent of MIL-PRF-38534 for die)

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Space Qualified

These products have been qualified for space applications. Qualification includes high-level visual inspection, 100% element electrical results and wafer lot qualification testing.

Space Recommended

TriQuint offers a wide assortment of standard products that are recommended for space applications. Recommended products have characteristics similar to those that have already been space qualified.


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I found a standard device offered on TriQuint’s website that meets my space needs, but the device is not on the Space Qualified list. Is the device available to use for space applications?

TriQuint can space qualify almost any device that we manufacture (standard products or foundry). Space is a niche business and we do not decide which standard devices to qualify for space. Instead, customers come to us and request that we space qualify specific devices. These customers submit an order for the related non-recurring engineering (NRE) and testing charges and TriQuint then performs the related space qualification effort. We then add the space qualified device to the Space Qualified list.

If a device is on the Space Qualified list, do you guarantee that space qualified stock will be available?

Inventory may or may not be available. TriQuint does not ensure space qualified inventory levels for any device, but we will research requests on an individual basis. If inventory is available, a customer is able to enjoy savings in price and lead time. Once space inventory for a given device is depleted, the next customer needing space qualified deliverables must submit an order for the related space qualification testing. The non-recurring engineering (NRE) for any device on the Space Qualified list has been performed in the past and no duplication charges will occur.

Does TriQuint space qualify specific released processes?

TriQuint space qualifies specific devices, not the foundry processes, because industry standards require specific testing on an individual device. However, TriQuint does perform thorough reliability testing as it relates to process qualification, before we release any given process. We understand that space customers have more confidence in space qualifying a device if one or more devices using a specific process have been space qualified (and related die have been used in space applications). TriQuint will offer as much information as possible about any process of interest.

To what standards does TriQuint space qualify die?

TriQuint's space qualification process is based on the intent of the MIL-PRF-38534, which is the industry standard in the U.S. Please contact TriQuint for more specific information about the qualification effort.

If I require space qualification testing that is outside of TriQuint’s standard space qualification flow, can TriQuint offer further testing?

TriQuint tries to work with all customers to ensure that requirements are met. Many industry-leading space customers accept TriQuint's standard space flow, but we understand that requirements are pushed down to our customers. Please just let us know your requirements and we will research your request. In some circumstances, we are able to perform specialized testing and use third-party vendors. If our research indicates that we are unable to meet certain requirements, we will let you know.